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Be Hot Personal Offers Different Training That fits Your Needs


We offer One on One or Partner Personal Training sessions in our private, air-conditioned Studio. Personal Training allows you to have your sessions planned specific to your current training and lifestyle goals. A personalised approach can help improve your technique, which will result in maximising your training results.
Our Trainers are fully qualified and passionate in helping our Clients work towards their goals. Our sessions can be catered for weight loss, sports specific, returning to exercise programs (post baby, injury, time off etc), general health and wellness, and much more. We also offer nutritional support and general health (and life!) guidance.

Within our Personal Training sessions we offer Pilates Mat and Reformer, Suspension training, Resistance training (Strength and Circuit training), Cardio, Boxing and more. Most of our Clients find maximum benefit from combining a weekly Personal Training session with our Group sessions.


We offer a great variety of Group sessions, to cater for all training goals and fitness levels. We pride ourselves in still maintaining a “personal touch” to our sessions, even within a group environment. Our sessions are planned specifically to women looking to improve fitness, improve strength, weight loss/management, stress release, balance and co-ordination work…whilst at the same time having some fun. All of our sessions are held outdoors (except Pilates). There are is no better way to start or end your day, with the sun rising or setting, with a great group of people!


Duration: 45mins
This is our original Group sessions! These sessions are for women only, and each session is different. We incorporate Shadow boxing (choreographed to music), running, Circuit training, Interval training, Resistance, Games and more. The sessions are usually self paced, and we offer options for all fitness levels.


Duration: 30mins
These sessions are shorter in duration, and higher in intensity. However, we still offer options for all fitness levels. Our HIIT session is based on short work and short rest times. And are either bodyweight, weighted or circuit style sessions.


Duration: 30mins
These are similar to our HIIT sessions, but are done to non-choreographed music tracks. The intensity and pace are fast, but our Clients love the feeling after the session is over. The Metafit slogan is “It’s tough, that’s why it works!”.

pilates rockhampton


Duration: 45mins
Our Pilates are Mat Pilates sessions, and our Thursday evening sessions alternate between slow and steady, or a more intense pace. We aim to work the whole body with low impact strength moves, and also improve flexibility, spine health, core and glute focus and de-stress. We incorporate equipment such as light weights, Pilates magic circles, resistance bands etc. Our Saturday sessions are focused on stretch and mobility. There is no better way to end out the week than with some slow and mindful movement.

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